ACME Drafting Ltd. offers a full line of structural steel detailing services. We provide all shop drawings, single part or gather sheets, erection diagrams, anchor bolt diagrams and a variety of lists and reports. Also provided are nc1 files and kss / fabtrol reports. As our detailers have worked on a wide variety of jobs, whether your job is complex or simple, involves field work or hip and valley work we are confident that we can provide a well detailed job.

Our AutoCad services include paper to cad conversions, updating drawings, raster to vector conversions, drawing clean up and as built drawings. Also offered is architectural rendering and walk throughs. As our staff come from a variety of disciplines including archetectural, civil and structural, ACME Drafting Ltd can and will get the job done.

It is company policy for both the structural steel detailing and AutoCad services departments that all of our work is done internaly. If need be we will bring people in to complete a job, but they will work in our offices under ACME Drafting Ltd. supervision.

It is also company policy that all work is checked, by competent qualified checkers before being released to the customer.

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