Why use ACME Drafting Ltd?

1. Customer Service.
On every job something comes up that you need in a hurry. It could be a material list, site bolt list or a shop detail. In cases like this we get what you need ASAP. Most reports can be delivered within 30 minutes of your request. Anything that can be done over the phone is looked after right away.

2. Experience. Our people have it. Our structural detailers have a minimum of 10 years experience. We bring that to your job. What's been learned in the past is used to solve the problems of today. We also encourage communication within the office, if there is a problem we talk it over to come with the best solution we can, and present it to you.

3. Reports. At the beginning and through out the job you will receive reports from us. How is the job going, outstanding RFI's, is the job on schedule and if not why not. At the beginning of the job we will give a summary of the customer drawings, what's missing, what's required, and any problems we foresee down the road. Returned approval drawings will be summarized, what's changed, what may be an extra, what is the impact on schedule.

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